A List of Kentucky Newspaper Stories 1885
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A List of Kentucky Newspaper Stories 1885

Our strange Colorado weather continues with high temps in the 50s. We had one day of winter on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago and now are back to lovely fall weather in February. It has, at times, been colder in our previous home in San Antonio, Texas, than it has been here. No one is complaining about the temperature but there is growing concern over the lack of moisture.

I’m almost ready to publish volumes 1 and 2. Here is a list of some of the stories you will read about in all three volumes.

Volume 1 – January and February 1885

  • General Grant’s financial and medical problems.
  • A duel to the death with billiard balls.
  • The death of the first locomotive engineer in the US.
  • The struggles of Oklahoma Boomers against the government and the cattlemen.
  • A woman who did not speak until after her mother died.
  • The roller skating mania and the resulting condemnation by the clergy.
  • The men poisoned by a centipede in their coffee.
  • The dedication of the Washington Monument.
  • An abandoned building on the courthouse square in Evansville, Indiana, that is filled with corpses.
  • Three failed executions of a man sentenced to hang for murder.
  • The Sarasota Assassination Society.
  • President Cleveland’s first days in office.

Volume 2 – March through June 1885

  • A widower who married the woman his son was engaged to because the son kept putting off the marriage.
  • A man who had his telephone taken away because of swearing while using it.
  • An article about the dangers of smoking.
  • Prisoners counterfeiting money.
  • A camera in a bank used to catch bank robbers.
  • A murder committed by an 8 year old girl.
  • The Lawlessness in Rowan County, Kentucky.
  • The fact that not all fools are dead in Creston, Iowa.
  • The first electric streetlights in Maysville.
  • The fat woman’s convention in Philadelphia and the Banting diet, which today is called the Keto way of eating.
  • The cancellations of the sessions of the Court of Appeals because all the judges had sprained ankles.
  • The 150 people poisoned at a picnic by ice cream.
  • The people addicted to funerals.
  • A female baseball team.
  • The theft of 600 indictments from a courthouse.
  • Texas Tree Jewelry. [Lynchings, a lot of them.]
  • A man sentenced to twenty lashes for beating his wife.
  • The continued medical updates on General Grant.
  • The arrival of the Statue of Liberty in New York. It arrived safely packed in 200 cases.

Volume 3 – July through December 1885

  • The raising of funds for the base of Statue of Liberty.
  • A recipe for 300 gallons of burgoo.
  • The failure of prohibitory laws.
  • The history of pencils.
  • The death and funeral of General Grant.
  • The indictment of the Sheriff of Rowan County for murder.
  • The filthy hog-wallow on Second Street in front of Ballenger’s jewelry store.
  • The pies in Philadelphia.
  • An outbreak of violence at a Polish Catholic Church in Milwaukee.
  • The Moon Man.
  • A new beverage called limeade.
  • The phrenological delineation of character.
  • The Damphools that are not all dead in Mankato, Minnesota.
  • The 500 moonshiners on trial in Nashville.
  • The $100,000 tomb of William H. Vanderbilt.
  • The cure for hydrophobia by Dr. Louis Pasteur.
  • President Cleveland refusal to kiss babies.
  • The Oklahoma Boomers renewed attempts to settle in Oklahoma.
  • Civil Service reform.
  • The strange story of the weird hunter of the Kentucky hills.
  • An epidemic of “baby” weddings.
  • The death of Vice-President Hendricks and the first time the country was without a vice-president.
  • The reference of Rev. Sam Jones, before an immense congregation, to Governor Marmaduke as, “An old swill tub.”
  • The rumor that John Wilkes Booth was still alive.
  • The disastrous effects of whiskey on the memory. Twenty-four witnesses could not, to save their lives, remember where they had procured whiskey the previous day.
  • The Chicago paper that recently gave its readers “Points on Stage Robbing.”
  • The serial killer in Austin, Texas.

The first volume will be free and the second one only 99 cents. I’ll publish them at the same time and volume 3 will follow soon.

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