Mincemeat Pie – 1894
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Mincemeat Pie – 1894

Do you like mincemeat pie? I do but a lot of people don’t or have never tried it. My husband didn’t try it for years and when he finally did try it decided he liked it, too. My sister, who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, used to make several of them at Thanksgiving and send one home with me but now we live in Colorado so unless I bake one there is no pie.

Some people in Ashland, Wisconsin baked a very special mincemeat pie in 1894.

In their enthusiasm for charity, the people of Ashland, Wisconsin made a mince pie measuring twenty-two feet in circumference, four inches in depth and weighing a quarter of a ton, and then turned 1,000 children loose. In due time the children had that mince pie in their midst. Charity has much power to accomplish much real good by allaying suffering but it is hard to associate a 500 pound mince pie located in 1,000 young innocent stomachs with real charity. If the good citizens of Ashland believe they did right in this matter, it is fortunate that charity begins at home. — Creede Candle, 1/19/1894

I guess the person who wrote this article wasn’t a fan of mincemeat pie either.

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  • Angela January 15, 2018 at 5:51 PM

    I’ve heard of huge pies, cakes, etc. for publicity, social events, etc., but never knew anyone did it over 100 years ago! What a thrill for those kids, especially since people usually didn’t have much food or special treats.

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